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Camp Pacific had a long list of projects and clients related to tourism in Canada. As part of the new positioning and strategic approach, we also wanted to create a space to showcase all of these things.


Camp Pacific


Camp Pacific





When it comes to travel, we’re big believers in packing light. Instead of forcing potential travel and tourism clients to shoulder our entire body of work, we lightened the load by creating a microsite that puts all of our essential travel experience in one convenient and compelling package. No compasses or extra clicks required. By combining a linear, scrollable design with parallax animations built from scratch, we took visitors on a curated path through our content and case studies. In just a few minutes, visitors could go from our VR experience for the Great Bear Rainforest to our experiential campaign for Cirque du Soleil and everywhere in between.



I am a passionate, detail-oriented, and curious Creative.

Always willing to experiment and learn, I love to craft, create, design, and build things whether in analog or digital formats. From small, local, traditional, and bigger agency networks, I have spent over 10 years working on high caliber clients, including: McDonald's, Swatch, Lululemon, Mini, Dr. Oetker, Here Technologies, and more.

If you want to get in touch to chat about opportunities, network, or just grab a coffee (I love coffee, seriously) feel free to drop me a line.





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